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Movie Night, King Richard
Friday, May 13, 2022, 07:00pm
Contact : Sandy Feldman
Location : Clubhouse

Most sports movies are about exceptional talent. “King Richard” is
about exceptional belief: the conviction of one man, Richard
Williams, that he could turn his daughters Venus and Serena into
the world’s greatest tennis players. It’s a plan he hatched —
togetherwithwifeBrandi—even before the girlswere born and put
down in a 78-page manifesto, nearly all of which has came true.
Hindsight makes this a story worth telling. At the time, everyone
thought he was crazy. “It’s like asking someone to believe you
have the next two Mozarts living in your house,” says one coach,
passing up the opportunity of a lifetime.
“King Richard” is a good old-fashioned Horatio Alger story for our time, detailing how a Black
kid who grew up “running from the Klan” in Shreveport, La., set his mind to a goal and made
it happen. He may have raised his five daughters in Compton — “ghetto Cinderellas,” in the
character’s words — but through hard work and dedication, they achieved the American
The attraction of this movie is discovering where the family came from, what they overcame
and how Richard’s master plan was fulfilled

Seating is limited. If you would like to attend, please call Sandy Feldman (215-369-3408) or
email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to reserve a seat. Masks are voluntary.

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